The Twees live at Crash Mansion – November 18th, 2009 :

The boys from The Twees; Jason Abrishami (Guitar and Vocals), Alex Schwartzberg (Guitar), Will Mazoli (Bass) and Logan Sorrentino (Drums), although they all live in Long Island, came together through Craigs List. They’ve only been performing together a year which is hard to tell when you see them live because they are so cohesive as a group. They sound just as polished on stage as they do in their recordings. The lads, who are 17-19 years old, have impeccable confidence and amazing stage presence. Their music, with ska and punk roots, makes me want to get up and have a good ol’ fashioned skank around the room. The first song The Twees played in their set at Crash Mansion is currently unnamed and fans will get a chance to pick the title. The Twees sound is like Reel Big Fish, Modest Mouse and Artic Monkeys. The upbeat guitar riffs and incessant drums make their music irresistible. Their song “Full Circle”, off their EP Lessons to Connect recorded at The Aroom Studios, reminds me of The Strokes’ “Last Night” and “A Punk” by Vampire Weekend.

The term ‘ Twee’ can be used in a derogatory way, implying it’s too cuddly, cute, melodic, and basically, happy, as opposed to its punk influences. I personally like an occasional break from emo angst, angry rock and weepy acoustics to inhabit a world in major key. Especially when their songs explore dead relationships that don’t leave you in the corner crying but express it’s over, you want to dance and you are going to be ok. Their lyrics reflect a complete acceptance that love can fail and we are more than capable of moving on, for example in “Start Again”: “It is sad, but it is true. I am not the one for you.” It’s a reoccurring theme in The Twees songs, in “Full circle” Jason sings, “Now every time I think of you. It reminds me that we’re through.”

I encourage you to check out The Twees at and You can download their music from Itunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody and Walmart or catch them live at Sullivan Hall (12.13.09) and Fontana’s (12.22.09).

-Gabriel Don
music reviewer for Indie Band Guru

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20 11 2009
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