Welcome to Indie Band Guru.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a true music lover who has held many positions throughout the music industry.  Music business is as much a passion of mine as the music itself. 

A brief history lesson of the Indie Music Guru:

I have loved music since I was a little child, says my mother.  She says I used to demand that she put on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon while I lay on the shag carpet and stare at the ceiling.  

Jumping in and out of bands starting at age 16, I never really found my true calling in front of the microphone.  At that point I started managing a friend’s band, handling all the behind the scenes work in making the band a success.  Never being satisfied, I started a fanzine to find more great music and began reviewing 100’s of bands demos, offering them straightforward tips on how to get to the next level in their careers.  A few bands really struck me and I was signed on to be a promoter for them eventually turning it into a full-time booking agency working for a few bands and becoming the sole booking agent at a few clubs in New York City.

To expand my knowledge I then attended the Berklee College of Music and attained a degree in Music Business.  At that point I went to work at a music marketing firm in Manhattan to continue learning all that I could about the business that I loved so much.  Trying to take it to the next level myself, I started my own indie record label/management company to help bands achieve success in the drastically changing music industry.  We had some ups and downs and continued to learn. And here we are today at Indie Band Guru, still staying busy in music and trying to guide musicians to the promised land of a successful career in music.

Come along for the ride as we build our team and offer tons of tips and ideas for all the hard-working bands out there.


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