New site is up and running

20 02 2010

Finally the day has arrived!!! The official Indie Band Guru website is now live. Go to right now to check it out! There is new stuff being added to the site daily. If you were following this old blog please follow the new one to get updates and new info. Go now:


Indie Band Guru now with interviews…

18 12 2009

We just added a new page today featuring interviews with great indie bands. See how other bands got started and how they come up with song ideas. Also find some good marketing tips that other bands use that might help your band as well.
The first one up is an interview with The Twees by Gabriel Don right after a live performance. Read it here and enjoy!

Keep reading….

12 11 2009

New Article up about 7 Marketing Blunders new indie bands make in thier promotion efforts. Read it HERE!

Help us spread the word and grow your fanbase at the same time.

New Article up. Building a fanbase

6 11 2009

One of the hardest things to do for an indie band just starting out is to get fans to attend your shows. There is just too much entertainment competition to even get people to leave the comfort of their own homes nowadays. Here is a simple idea to get people to come out to a gig and turn them into rabid fans who will help support your career…… Go to the Article page to read the full article

Not quite what we do but……..

26 10 2009

Some good ideas maybe taken a little too far. Funny though.

Why we are here

23 10 2009

Welcome to the world of Indie Band Guru. We are here to support all the great bands out there that are doing what they love to do. Tons of great tips and ideas will follow to help your music career continue to expand. We have lived the life and learned many lessons. Hopefully we can share them with you so you learn from our successes as well as our failures and reach new heights in your music career.

Please read our About page to learn who we are and how we can help.  All comments, questions, and ideas are strongly welcomed.